MeniCure & Pedicure

Relaxes your muscles and improves skin elasticity.

Your hands help you hold your baby’s head, your partner’s hands, and help you feel the world around you. So why not take good care of them? A manicure at Ecstasy ensures you have the softest, most beautiful hands ever!

Enliven your day with Tattva's active detoxifying facial treatment enriched with essential skin vitamins.Our therapists with skillful hands softly relax your facial muscles and enhance your blood circulation.

The Spa Manicure is a herbal manicure that uses only organic products. This manicure helps you de-stress by releasing the tension from your nerves.

Price List


  • Regular manicure $10
  • Regular pedicure $15
  • Mani-pedi Together $22
  • Pink shellac gel manicure $20
  • CND shellac gel manicure $25
  • French manicure $12
  • French pedicure $19
  • French pedi-mani $26
  • Spa lavender pedicure $25
  • Milk & honey spa pedicure $35
  • Spa jelly pedicure $20
  • Collagen mask pedicure $18
  • Collagen mask manicure $12
  • paraffin pedicure $20
  • Paraffin manicure $15
  • Chair massage $1 per minute
  • Chair massage $1 per minute
  • All massage only for women


  • Collus Treatment $8

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